64 Zoo Lane - The Story of the Jungle Ball Review

Saturday, 31 August 2013
64 Zoo Lane
The Story of The Jungle Ball
If you don't know what 64 Zoo Lane is, its a story of a young girl named Lucy who lives next door to a zoo. Every night just before she goes to bed, she goes to the zoo for all the animals to tell her a bedtime story.
The Jungle Ball is imminent and all the animals are busy finding their dance partners for the night. All except Reginald, nobody has ever asked him to dance with them at the Jungle Ball. He sets off in search of a dance partner, but has he left it too late?
The Story of the Jungle Ball DVD features 9 episodes from season four. The DVD runs for a total of 99 minutes, each of the episodes are fun for children to watch and keep them entertained for a few moments.
The episodes include:
The Story of the Jungle Ball
The Story of Alfie and Charlie's Canoe
The Story of Horace the Hare
The Story of Zed's Really Helpful Mood
The Story of House of Leaves
The Story of Alan's Scooter
The Story of Gertie the Goat
The Story of Savannah Craze
The Story of Confuse-us the Carp
Although Jack is young, he loves animals so really enjoys to watch 64 Zoo Lane, so this DVD has been played so much in the short time we have had it. Although he doesn't watch the full DVD in one go, he goes watch an episode have a play then watch more, unless he's in our bedroom watching it. The animation included within the film is simple and easy to follow for younger children with not too much going on.
Please Note. I received this DVD from Abbey Home Media for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wording are my own 

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