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Monday, 12 August 2013
Alphablocks: Letter Teams Volume 3
Jack loves watching Alphablocks on cBeebies, we generally watch it in an afternoon. It's actually one of very few programs that I don't mind on cBeebies as I feel it does help to encourage learning for your children.
Alphablocks are 26 living letters who fell out of the sky and discover that if they hold hands and make a word, it comes to life. When words are magic and anything is possible, it's adventure, songs and games all the way!
When your child is happy with letters and simple words, it's time to meet the Letter Teams: two letters that make one sound! Take phonics skills to the next level and boost reading confidence while having lots and lots of fun.
The DVD runs for around 87 minutes with 17 episodes. These include ABC Letter Names, Beep, Book, Card, Champ, Hey, How Now Brown Cow, Fair, Moon, Race, Sail, Song, The End, Thing, Tightrope, Toad and Trains.

Each of the individual episodes last around 4 minutes and each of them are very engaging for children with a lot happening to help them learn. There is lots of ways to encourage the children to learn and engage with the series.

This DVD will be released on August 19th 2013 and  available from a variety of retailers.

Please Note. I received this DVD from Abbey Home Media however, all opinions and wording are my own 

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