Aspire Drinks Review

Monday, 12 August 2013
Aspire Drinks Review - The Calorie Burning Soft Drink.

After having a baby I would give anything to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but still keep the baby. I've tried a range of diets, but the word diet seems to make me want to eat fatty foods I never normally eat. When I was given the opportunity to review Aspire, I was eager but also not expecting any weight loss and had very little faith in the drink.
Originally, I thought how could this drink work? Is it just a trick like some others? I mean if you were told drinking a fruit drink would help loose weight would you believe them? COME ON!! However, this is exactly what Aspire claims it can do. The packaging of the drinks are definitely geared towards females, which could be a little off-putting for the men! I placed a couple of the cans within the fridge to cool.
Aspire does not restrict your diet to only drinking the Aspire cans, or to eating a set amount of calories. You can continue with your healthy diet as the drink increases your metabolism enabling you to burn more calories. Aspire claims that one single can, can help you burn an average of 209 calories. “Trials showed that the participants who drank one can burnt an average of 209 calories. We attribute this energy expenditure to its thermogenic effects. With only 75mg of caffeine, the same as a standard cup of coffee, Aspire is proven not to increase the heart rate or adversely affect one’s health.”
Now I know many of you are probably thinking, well what about the taste? Now I'm really funny with tastes, and will gag at anything I don't like. As I'd never had cranberry before I made sure I was near a sink for my first taste - weird I know! However, I was pleasantly surprised, Aspire tasted really fruity with a fizzy nature. Ok yes it wasn't brilliant but it was a lot nicer than any other diet drinks I've ever tasted. Unlike many other energy drinks, which Aspire also is, it also doesn't have an artificial taste to it.
Does it work? For me yes, I've drank the product almost every day now for the past two weeks, and have managed to loose 3lbs in 2 weeks by making no other changes other than adding Aspire to my diet. I've also been out for 3 meals in this space of time as we've had a lot of birthdays. By drinking Aspire, I was able to fight the craving for snacks, but still enjoy each meal I would normally have as I wasn't full from the drinks but full enough to not want to crave.  
Aspire contains a combination of the following good for you ingredients:
Guarana Extract
Green Tea Extract
L - Carnitine
'Aspire is a lightly carbonated drink that helps to increase your metabolism through thermogenics, in return helping you to acheive your weight loss goals. Cranberry flavoured, Aspire is calorie, fat and sugar free and provides a good source of vitamins and minerals.'

Aspire is priced at £1.45 a can and can be brought from a variety of retailers which you can find here.
Pease Note. I received a 2 week trial of this product from Aspire however, all opinions and wording are my own 

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