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Saturday, 10 August 2013
Brush Baby Toothpaste Review.

Jack started teething at 2.5 months, finally at 6 months all his efforts paid off and he cut his first tooth. Since then I have tried my best to keep his teeth clean and ensure they are brushed. At first this was a simple task - now its one which involves Jack attempting himself thinking he's Mr Independent, resulting him in eating toothpaste. 

Brush baby recently sent us a toothpaste to try which is safe to swallow - perfect!! The brush baby toothpaste is a gentle apple mint flavour, which has a lovely scent. It is a non-foaming toothpaste containing Xylitol and lower fluoride (500ppmF) which protects young teeth. The one we were sent is suitable from 0-3 years and is priced at £2.35 however they also do one up to 6 years which is £1.60.
Although this toothpaste has not helped with the brushing saga at least I know if he does swallow he is safe. Jack seemed very happy with the taste. I am definitely encouraged to continue buying it as I know it is gentle for his growing teeth and gums. I would also definitely recommend this to others. 

 Please Note. I received this product from Brush Baby for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wording are my own 

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