Lakeland Furniture Ergometric Office Chair Review

Saturday, 17 August 2013
Recently I began to revamp my little office, in actual fact its the cupboard under the stairs but it keeps me out of the way. One thing I never got around to having was an office chair as Ashley took mine upstairs so I was left with a normal dining room chair. The lovely people at Lakeland recently gave me the opportunity to work alongside them, so when in the choice an office chair was offered I jumped at the opportunity.
When looking at the Lakeland website there was so much choice, Infact I was spoilt for choice. However I opted for a Brasil Mesh Ergonomic White Office Chair. Within my previous job I managed to pull my back and then pregnancy made it worse and its never properly recovered, so the back support on this chair stood out for me.
Lakeland Furniture specialise in high end reproductions of famous designs of all the modern classics, as well as a huge range of the UK's best value bar stools and dining chairs. However, the prices are a lot cheaper than some other stores but this in no-way effects the quality. Each item is provided with a 2 year warranty and a 30 day return, which is always supportive.
The Chair arrived in a medium sized box for self assembly, now I'm not normally one to assemble things. However I was desperate to see what the chair looked like so had a go. I found most of it quite simple, without the instructions necessarily being needed. However for some parts I did need the instructions. The instructions are fairly easy to follow if you look at them open minded, but as I say it was very simple to put together.
After I had put the chair together, Jack gave it a little try for comfort and seemed to enjoy it; he also enjoyed pushing it around the room. The chair consists of an adjustable chair, with an adjustable tilt. I much prefer the tilt to not move as much, but Ashley prefers it really flexible. The back of the seat is just covered in a mesh fabric allowing air flow. The part of the chair I like the most is the lumbar support. The support cushion can be moved to various positions for varying heights.
The office chair is very comfortable, and has infact not yet made it into my office, but infact to Ashley's computer. Luckily I use his most evenings so I'm still getting a lot of use from it.
Please Note. I received this chair from Lakeland Furniture however, all opinions and wording are my own 

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  1. Luckily that little baby having great observation over that lakeland furniture ergonomic office chair. I just love the images and enjoyed studying such informative review. That chair is comfortable and I'm sure of that because been using that similar one for quite long time. Thanks.



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