Maxi Cosi Loola Final Review

Monday, 12 August 2013
Maxi Cosi Loola Final Review.
So if you’ve been following the blog the past four weeks we have been reviewing the Maxi Cosi Loola.
 This is my final review of the Maxi Cosi Loola, and this is showing my overall experience and thoughts. Overall I love this pushchair and can hardly find any faults with it.

Seat Unit and Recline.
The seat unit on the Loola seems very comfortable, Jack always looks incredibly comfortable – which is always a good thing. The padding of the seat adds to the comfort of the ride, which is a good thing if using with a new-born.  The Loola has an easy recline system in which the whole seat reclines, as Jack gets older he can be easily disturbed when he falls asleep in the pushchair by us trying to recline him. The Loola can also be reclined with just one hand lifting the small handle at the rear which is a fantastic benefit!

Parent/World Facing.
The Maxi Cosi Loola is an amazing travel system which can be used to parent and world facing. This depends upon your preference, Jack much prefers looking outwards as he’s nosey but I like that I have the option to have him facing me every now and again, especially when he’s a little poorly. It’s simple to adjust with a few clicks.

 Adjustable Handlebar.
As a family with varying heights, we found this brilliant. The handle height has always been something we look at on a pushchair, and normally we still don’t find one high enough for my partner – the Loola was.
For me, this is by far the best feature on the Loola, it is huge! Even just the standard sized hood provides a lot of shade and shelter from the varying weather conditions, but then when you unzip for the extra it provides even more coverage and is a great protection from all conditions. We have found that when fully opened it eliminated the use of a parasol for us, or even in a light shower or passing shower it protected Jack without the need for a rain cover.

I know a lot of parents look for a large basket on a pushchair, and the Maxi Cosi Loola has a fantastically large basket. It held the rain cover, coats for four of us (three being adults) changing bag, hand bag and some snacks for Jack with still some excess room. The basket has bars inside which makes it stronger than others enabling it to carry slightly heavier bags.

 Wheel Adjustment.
The wheel adjustment on the Loola is simple, there are two simple buttons which enable you to switch between fixed or swivel wheels. Most of the time I use swivel wheels but when going over rough surfaces I prefer fixed wheels. It was so nice that I didn’t have to touch the wheels to change these or get my hands dirty in the process.
At first I found the brakes a little fiddly, however I’ve now discovered they are a great. With my previous pushchair I was easily able to apply the brakes whilst walking along – not a great time. However with the Loola you need to press the red button to apply the brakes, and the white to release them. Having the two I found easier.

 Folding the Loola.
Folding the Loola is simple and can be done with or without the seat unit attached which is always useful if you are short on space. You simply fold down the handle, lift the bottom pedal and pull the buttons near the handle. This then enables the Maxi Cosi Loola to collapse straight down. I actually found this to fold really small for a travel system and was very impressed by this.

Finally the only fault I could find was unfolding the Maxi Cosi Loola, now this really isn’t a difficult task, in fact Ashley can do it easily. However for myself, sometimes when I fold the Loola with the seat unit attached I find it a little difficult to open. I do however find it very simple without the seat unit. As I have said, Ashley finds this simple which is something that can’t be said about all pushchairs.

 So overall, I have found the Loola a fantastic travel system to use, and I definitely feel it is great value for money as can be used from birth to 3.5 years. I would certainly purchase one, and recommend it.

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