Maxi Cosi Loola - Trip Across Town

Friday, 9 August 2013
Maxi Cosi Loola - Trip Across Town
Week 3 on the Maxi Cosi Loola Challenge, we are almost at the end. This week we had to venture to the other side of town and try out different terrains. Now this week I’ve been super busy and then on the one day I wasn’t I was ill so last minute again, however today we had a meeting at the doctors.
Even a simple trip to the doctors in our case brings a range of terrains and a trip in the car. Firstly, our doctors are out of the village and other side of town so we have to go in the car, the Loola fitted perfectly within my boot. In fact, better than any pushchair we had previously had with lots of room to spare, again I found this perfect for a travel system.

Maxi Cosi Loola In The Boot

Once we had parked, there was a range of surfaces to conquer to get to the surgery. Firstly, there was the tarmac on the car park and footpaths; even with the pot-holes the Loola handled it well, managing to swerve the pot-holes with no-discomfort to Jack. We then had the slabed walkway at the top of the car park, again no problems as the slabs are pretty much flat. On the ramp up to our doctor’s surgery are some paving blocks, which were actually the main problem for us. Well, the Loola handled them really well but these were the surface causing the most jumping around, however Jack was not at all fazed by any of this. Finally, once we were in the doctors was the lino surface, again a smooth surface which was no problem for the Loola. No problems were caused on the lino or any of the surfaces we had encountered.
After we had visited the doctors we headed to the country park and tested out the Loola on the grassed surface. This was exactly what I expected, it was a little more difficult than on the tarmac but still easy to achieve.

Maxi Cosi Loola On Surfaces

Now,  I know not everyone uses a car or has everyday access, so last week I also tried the Loola on public transport whilst I had no car; this was however just using the train. The Loola was easy to get on and off the train, even for me who never uses trains. Also, I applied the brakes whilst the train was moving and the Loola stayed secure at all times. The one thing which I found really useful was how the handle folded down and allowed extra room for other passengers.
Overall, I have been very impressed with how the Maxi Cosi Loola has coped for us so far, I would certainly use my car less as I feel the Loola can handle a range of surfaces and keep my fussy toddler happy.

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