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Saturday, 31 August 2013
Recently 99p Stores, gave 50 bloggers the opportunity to have a 99p Summer and gave each blogger £10 in vouchers to spend to see what we could buy for the challenge. Now you may think, well there isn't much fun you could buy for £10, especially in a 99p store, however in the store there is so much choice.
Recently in our local town a 99p Store opened and for this challenge was the first time I actually ventured into there. I couldn't believe how big the store was and also how much variety they sell within the store. By the time I actually managed to get into town to visit the 99p Store, the heat wave had ended, and it was set to rain for the following weeks. Luckily the 99p Store have a variety of activities for both indoor and outdoor fun so we brought a wide variety for Jack to enjoy. £10 goes a long way in the 99p Store,  we managed to purchase different types of toys to keep Jack occupied throughout the later part of Summer. We did allow Jack to choose some items for himself, although he did keep choosing the same items.
Unfortunately we haven't had the best of summers, with family illnesses and also a death, so we have finally now managed to use all of the goodies which we purchased, to brighten up the last part of Summer.
So what did we buy?
1 pack of Calypso Clear Cups containing 12 drinks, 1 pack of Fox Party Rings, 2 packs of Mcvities filled croissants and 1 multi pack of skips so that we could enjoy some snack time and picnics whilst playing with our toys. For activities I then purchased a beach tool set, a 320 page colouring book, a 12 pack of gliders, colouring pencils, mini golf set and bubbles. All of these goodies came to £9.90, showing what great value you get for you money.
How did we use it?
When we got home from town all Jack wanted was to open the beach tools which consisted of a shovel and rack and the mini golf set. These were both toys which he had picked within the store so it was only obvious these would be the ones best to play with.
So after opening both of these, Jack decided the golf set would be best to play with indoors, luckily he's only young so hasn't got an amazing swing nor does he hit the ball often. As it is plastic and the previously mentioned it was not a problem and Jack had lots of run pushing the ball around the house. Later that day when Daddy got home Jack went outside with him, and this is when the beach tools came in useful. We are currently redeveloping our garden, as it's such a large space it is taking some time. Jack has enjoyed using the beach tools to help us dig up excess soil and stones, and then using the rack to help rack the soil ready to lay items on. Who would have thought our 99p Summer Challenge of fun would turn into the mini helping us out.
We also purchased some bubbles, and some gliders to use outside. In actual fact the gliders were brought for Daddy to have fun with, yes he is indeed a big kid. So on another occasion we headed outside with our bubbles and gliders to have some more outdoor fun. Jack has never experienced bubbles before, so had great fun trying to discover how to blow the bubbles, and also trying to catch them. He did manage to blow a couple and then chase them around the garden. On to the gliders, we didn't actually find them very good, I don't know if it was just the way I put them together, the wind or just in general. The gliders we couldn't get to fly very far when Jack tried (obvious) or when I tried. They flew a short length but would then fall straight down.

The other activity item we purchased was the colouring book and crayons. Jack recently decided he loves to draw and colour, and will often find the nearest piece of paper and pen and scribble away. I thought this was a perfect buy for both indoor and outdoor fun. It is also a great way to keep Jack quiet and calm. Mainly this has been used indoor on rainy days for a different activity and Jack has enjoyed finding a page he would like to colour on. We also recently took this to the funeral and it managed to keep Jack quiet for the majority of the time.
As for the snacks and drinks, well they were enjoyed by all of us on a variety of occasions. All of them had a really good date on them, as often people think they are cheaper as they have short dates - for us this was not the case. 99p Stores have a large variety of food, drinks and snacking items available.

Overall, I am impressed with 99p Stores and the Summer challenge, it has proved you don't need to spend lots to be able to have a summer of fun - even if you have a bad summer in other ways like us. All the items brought from 99p Stores have made our summer better and we've all had great fun in using the items. I would definitely recommend the stores to others as I feel you get great value for money from what they have there.
Please Note. I received a £10 voucher to spend in 99p Stores for this post however, all opinions and wording are my own 

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