Postman Pat SDS Review & Giveaway

Saturday, 10 August 2013
Postman Pat Special Delivery Service Review and Giveaway

Jack is a keen fan of Postman Pat and watches it every morning if he can get in our bedroom quick enough as its on early enough. Postman Pat was also a favourite of Daddies back in the day. Postman Pat has now been around for over 30 years and has now turned to Special Delivery Service to keep up with the every changing developments of the mail system.

'Patrick "Pat" Clifton, infamously known as Postman Pat, was the village postman for Greendale and has now been promoted to head of the Special Delivery Service in nearby Pencaster. Pat lived at Forge Cottage in Greendale with his wife Sara and son Julian, who is six years old. His pet cat Jess also comes with him on his post rounds.'
We were sent Postman Pat To The Rescue DVD to review. This DVD consists of 6 exciting missions from series one of SDS. These are Big Balloons, Bernie the Parrot, The Red Rocket, A Wobbly Piano, A Bouncy Castle, A Surprise. This DVD has provided hours of entertainment for Jack, especially as we have been travelling in the car a lot recently. The DVD has a running time of around 1hour 30 minutes but enough to keep your child occupied. We have watched all of these episodes on the television before but Jack is still amused by them again.

We now have the opportunity for you to win yourself a copy of Postman Pat To The Rescue complete with a small toy. Simply fill in the Rafflecopter form below.

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