SkySide at Birmingham Airport

Wednesday, 7 August 2013
SkySide at Birmingham Airport.
Are you flying from Birmingham Airport this Summer? Or looking at flights but decided on an airport? If you are travelling with children then I highly recommend choosing Birmingham airport to travel from.
Birmingham is our local airport, and one we are highly likely to fly from when we next go on holiday. On Wednesday we visited the airport to have a look at the new SkySide recently launched. SkySide is a great way to entertain your children whilst waiting for your flights. It starts from the moment you check in, to the moment you board the plane. Let me introduce you to Zoom...
This summer, each child travelling from Birmingham Airport will receive a Sky Pass at check-in, making it even better its free! Within the Sky Pass are a variety of activities; puzzles, games and tasks to keep the children entertained and allow them to earn their 'wings' gaining access to the all important Sky Zone.

Meeting Zoom at SkySide

Without ruining too much of the surprise the mission begins in check in where you search for letters which you unscramble to discover the pass code. The letters are all the way through to the departures lounge. Along the way there are also questions upon the walls for when their may be a queue, such as in security. When you are through to the departures lounge, there is another activity which requires you to look in each of the shops for the Zoom mascot and when you spot one you are able to get a stamp from the shop assistant.
After completing all of the missions, we went to the Sky Zone, this is located near the gates predominately used for flights so very conveniently placed. With the Sky Zone there are a wide variety of activities for children of all ages to play with. For plane fans there is also a gazing station allowing you to watch the aeroplane activity outside from watching them load and unload the planes to watching them taxi.
Jack was one of the youngest who attended the event on Wednesday and although he didn't understand the activities within the booklet he really enjoyed his time playing within the SkyZone which for me was fantastic! However, watching the other children who are much older enjoy finding the clues and completing the activity book proved that the SkySide is suitable for a wide range of ages. Jack really enjoyed the interactive pods and watching the planes.

SkySide is running until September covering the summer holiday period. There are a team of staff who run the Sky Zone from 5am until 3pm during the busy flight period and they are the most helpful people and will help you enjoy the most of your time with Sky Side. It's only a shame that it won't be open forever. SkySide also have a Facebook Page where you can keep upto date.

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