Marryoke - What is it?

Saturday, 21 September 2013
According to Wikipedia 'Marryoke is the documentation and performance of a song which is traditionally produced at a wedding by a wedding videographer.'

Marryoke is becoming highly popular and a fun addition to add to your day. Guests of all ages can join in and have fun on your day, be it your wedding or other event. 

Footage for the video is take on your wedding day or event, but doesn't interfere with the running order of your day. Guests simply mime or sing along to a song of your choice and then the editors work their magic. Your guests won't have their voices published on the videos as this is all lip-synched in time with the original track. Therefore you don't have to have your brilliant singing voice on that day - no one will even hear you. 

As I previously mentioned, with all things these days you don't just have to have Marryoke at your wedding. You can have it at parties, special events or even at your hen/stag party. 

We have booked a marryoke for our own wedding and can't wait to include all of our guests in our special day - both day and evening guests. 
Below I have included an example of Marryoke from the wonderful Electra Films, who we have great pleasure of working alongside when they video our wedding.

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