Night Terrors/Nightmares in Toddlers.

Monday, 9 September 2013
Jack is really struggling with sleep lately, and definitely not getting enough. At 18months he has started waking in the night, taking a while to get to sleep and then waking really early in a morning. Now you would think this would make him sleep more in the day - No! He's just as bad in the daytime. During the daytime he will have around a 30 minute nap.
Jack recently seems to be scared of his own bedroom. The moment we do his night time routine and get him ready to go into his cot he will scream. We have tried night-lights, comforting but nothing is working unless we hold him.
Since, we have now managed to get him to lie down without us holding him but the getting to sleep is still a struggle. It is also not happening every night anymore but is still regular enough.

So as parents do you have any tips on how we can help sooth bedtime?

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