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Friday, 13 September 2013

Vital Baby are well known for there fun and innovative products. Recently we were sent a range of products from the Vital Baby range to form part of a Travel Kit. Within the travel kit is an Unbelievabowl, 2 handed trainer cup, weaning set, trap-a-snak and a pack of fruity hand and face wipes. Consisting of everything you need when out and about with your baby the Travel Kit is perfect for on the move.

Over the last 35 years, the Tollman family has been innovating and developing ideas and products for the baby product industry ranging from leading mail order catalogues in the 80’s through to launching the worlds' first co-moulded baby feeding products in the 90’s. In 2003, Steve (Vital Baby’s® founder and CEO) and Dean (Steve’s son and Product Development and Marketing Director) decided to develop a full range of baby feeding accessories and in 2005 extended this to toddler feeding products. At Vital we listen to what mums and dads want and believe that baby deserves something special. That is why we decided to reinvent our brands, Vital Baby® and Vital Baby®Nurture, to be fun, innovative and safe by using new technologies and materials that are100% BPA free across the range.
The Unbelievabowl is a bowl with a suction base designed to attach to your surface to keep the bowl in place. The suction base is separate to the bowl, allowing you to place and remove the bowl leaving the suction piece in place. When we first received this product, I was unable to remove the bowl from the base. Yes that may make me weak, but I personally think the labels were in the way as since it has been a lot easier. 
Now in the past we have tried a wide range of suction type products and upto yet Jack has always managed to destroy them and move his plate. Recently Jack has begun to use cutlery properly at every meal time but it has become difficult when his bowl slides away when attempting to eat breakfast. I was therefore eager to try the Unbelievabowl at this meal time. So I placed the suction pad on the table, then placed the bowl on locking it in place and left Jack to it. 
The Unbelievabowl is recommended for use from 9months and is BPA and latex free.
Jack often enjoys having a snack, infact he likes to graze throughout the day so I often have food with me on all occasions. However, Jack often gets in a mess and gets wherever  he is in a mess too, whether it be at home, in the pushchair of in the car. The Trap-A-Snack from Vital Baby has a ergonomic softgrip handle making easy for tiny hands to hold and a soft slatted lid making it easy for toddlers to get their hands in and out to reach for snacks. I use this bowl both in the house and when out and about to keep snacks in for Jack and it allows him to reach for a snack when he requires easily, but also not allowing him to create the mess by tipping it over. The lid is very soft and easy for Jack to reach through to get his  snack, he instantly knew what to do too. 
The Trap-A-Snack is recommended for use from 6months and is BPA, latex and PVC free and also has a non slip base. 

Weaning Set
When we first began weaning, I would find it difficult to remember to take a spoon with us if I had prepared a meal to take with us. In fact often I would just take a shop jar as the bowls with lids were often too small. If I did remember a spoon, I would often loose it in the midst of the changing bag so when feeding time came, I would still be looking for the lost spoon. The Vital Baby weaning set consists of a bowl with a lid, and on the lid in a clip on cover which hygienically holds a spoon. The spoon comes complete with the weaning set and has a soft edge on the spoon to make it softer on gums. The bowl consists of a small lipped handle which makes it easy to hold whilst also being comfortable, no more balancing bowls on your hands. One thing which sometimes happens with bowls is the lids are sometimes not secure allowing your runny texture food to leak, so we tried a runny mixture which stayed in place with no leaks. The weaning set consists of a click on lid which lock in place, whilst the spoon clip is the same. I remember when first weaning Jack If out and about I would often have to find a sink to rinse out the bowls and spoons to ensure the changing bag didn't get covered, with this set I didn't have too, always a bonus. As the lid locks in place as does the spoon, it makes it easy to wash when you are home.
The weaning set is recommended for use from 6months and conforms to BS EN 14372 and is BPA, latex and PVC free. 

2 Handled Trainer Cup. 

One thing I always ensure for Jack is he gets enough fluids throughout the day, even more so as I don't I don't want Jack ending like me. I'm sure regular readers are away of our transition from bottles to cups, but we are finally there and will drink from any cup. So when I gave Jack the Vital Baby trainer cup I think he was a little confused, the trainer cup has a soft spout, unlike his usual drinking cup with a harder spout. However, we quickly discovered it was ok and much better. Jacks reasoning as he always chooses this cup first over any others from his collection. The trainer cup has a soft spout to protect gums, and also has easy grip soft handles making it soft on children's skin. Each cup has a 200ml capacity and comes with a spout cover. Unlike usual cups the Vital Baby Trainer cup comes with a spout cover rather than a lid, which I preferred as it made it possible for Jack to remove the lid. Another wonderful thing is the cup comes with a 2 in 1 valve allowing you to choose non-spill or free-flow. We use this in a variety, throughout the day we use free flow as generally Jack will place the cup down correctly, on an evening we replace the valve and use as non-spill as he gets sleepy. 
The 2 Handled Trainer Cup is suitable from 6months and is BPA, latex and PVC free. 

Soft, Fruity Hands & Face Wipes.
 The final item we were sent in the bundle was the Fruity Hand & Face Wipes, one thing Jack hates is having his hands and faced washed with a wipe, whether it be for meal time or just because he's messy. Typical boy thing I think! However, when using the Vital Baby Fruity wipes we didn't have so much of a battle - I mean yes we still had one but not half as much as usual, I think he was side-tracked by the lovely refreshing fruity scent of the wipes. Another thing for us is due to Jacks skin problems I'm normally really careful which products we use on him as we don't want his skin to flare up any worse. However we have these a try and have had no problems. The wipes are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and are alcohol and paraben free. The wipes come in a handy small pack which are easy to keep around the home or in your bag or car.

Travel Kit is available to purchase from the website for £16.99 saving over 10% against the standard retail prices. Vital Baby are an award winning company so you can expect the highest of quality with their items. Each of the above items are available in pink, blue or orange to suit your child.
Please Note. I received these products from Vital Baby for this post however, all opinions and wording are my own 

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