Ferry V Plane - How do you like to travel?

Monday, 28 October 2013
We are at that time of year again where we're all planning our next Summer holiday - bet you thought I would write Christmas there? So this years Summer is now officially over, many families start to plan holidays for next summer. I know I keep dreaming of doing so. The last family holiday we had was when we went to Germany last year. For this we travelled in the car, and this was only my second time of going abroad in the car. Previously I've only been abroad on a plane.
Recently Brittany Ferries compared going to France via Ferry and Plane, and I was interested to see the outcomes of the results. Now one place I have never been, but do wish to go to is France, so what better way of getting to there than via Ferry.
When we went on our holiday I found travelling in the car a lot easier, especially with a new-born. We were able to stop where and when we wanted to, go out our own pace and basically not have to rush around, well only to catch the euro over to France. With the car, we were able to visit many attractions, however if we would have caught a plane, we would have added the extra expense of car hire to do this. Then driving a foreign car in a foreign country is not something that appeals to me. Not only this, with taking your own car, you can squeeze a lot of luggage into it, and in all the available storage departments without any weight issues, and you can also pack lots of toys to keep your littlies occupied. Travelling by car also means you can take all the appropriate items for your baby for the journey - without having to taste the horrible babies milk.
So below I have included the info graphic produced by Brittany Ferries so you can compare for yourself.
How do you prefer to travel?

In Association with Brittany Ferries.

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