Foxs Biscuits - Taste Of America Review

Saturday, 19 October 2013
Fox's Taste of America Biscuits.

There's nothing quite better than biscuits, I hate to think how many have passed my lips over time. But for the purpose of review I managed to squeeze more in, I would love to say with bribery but none was needed I was happy to accept.

When I went to Britmums Live earlier in the year, the fox's lounge was where I would often lurk. I'm not one for Coffee, but biscuits I am. I filled in a form in order to be a chief biscuit taster and heard nothing. Then my lovely postie brought a box containing none other than moreish fox's biscuits.

The wonderful people at fox's have took inspiration from Vinnie and mixed some classic biscuits with an American twist.
Foxs Biscuits Taste of America, My Mummys World

Blueberry Muffin Party Rings. These are inspired by Minnesota, the blueberry muffin is the official state muffin. So these are your traditional party rings with a blueberry flavoured icing. Upon opening the packet I was pleasantly greeted with a blueberry scent. Personally I'm not overly keen on party rings so these were left for the others to taste. After eating the packet, which didn't take them too long, I guessed they were good. They assured me they tasted delicious with a nice change to original party rings.
Cherry Cheesecake Jam N Cream. These were inspired by California the cherry growing state. Now I love Cheesecake but not so much a fan of Cherry, but after ditching the previous Party rings I dived in and had a taste. For me they weren't as nice as cheesecake, and I could definitely taste the cherry in them, but they were nice layered with Cherry Jam and Cream. The other biscuit tasters enjoyed these too.
Key Lime Crunch Creams. These are inspired by Vinnie's visit to Florida and the Key Lime Pie. At first glance you could be put off by the green coloured centre, however the flavour of these are lovely! The scent of these reminded me of a chocolate lime, but they were a refreshing biscuit with some serious crunch.
Mississippi Mud Pie Melts. These obviously are inspired by Mississippi (Yes I did sing the Mrs M, Mrs I tune). These are a luxurious biscuit with a rich chocolate mud pie filling. These were certainly the best, no-one else commented as I ate them all to myself.
Foxs Biscuits Taste of America, My Mummys World
All of us really enjoyed trying these biscuits with a difference, for me the best was by far the Mississippi Mud Pie Melts, you can hear more about Vinnie's American Adventure on the facebook page.
Please Note: We were sent one of each packet of these biscuits for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own and are not influenced.

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