Halloween Pom Bears Review

Thursday, 24 October 2013
Halloween Pom Bears
Pom Bears have brought back their Limited Edition Halloween Pom Bears, which have the sneakiness of being Pickled Onion Flavour.
Now I'm a big fan of Pom Bears and can remember eating them when I was younger too as I used to create a little family of bears, ahh memories.
Now personally with Pickled Onion flavoured crisps, I automatically think of the rival Monster Munch. However, upon trying these Pom Bears they have a much more subtle flavour which I prefer. From my youth I remember Pom Bears just fizzing on your tongue, and even with making them Halloween specials, they still do this - which I love!  
So Jack and I set to taste these, Jack had never had Pickled Onion flavour crisps before so I was keen to see his reaction. Which was a little squashed face but he continued with them, as their is a lot in a packet for a toddler, we shared a pack.
I would certainly recommend these to others, especially as Halloween is fast approaching. I also think they could make a surprisingly different treat for any Trick or Treaters you may get this year.
Please Note: I was sent a multi-pack of Pom Bears for the purpose of this review. All opinions and wordings are my own.

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