Halos N Horns Toothy Fruity Toothpaste

Tuesday, 1 October 2013
Halos N Horns Toothy Fruity Toothpaste.
Halos N Horns Toothy Fruity Toothpaste. My Mummys WorldA very important part of our routine is tooth brushing, within my half of the family a good trait of gum disease lays so an important thing for me to install in Jack is good oral health. We were recently lucky enough to have the opportunity to review Halos N Horns Toothpaste.
The toothpaste is suitable for use under the age of 6, and contains everything a toothpaste should and excludes SLS. The Halos N Horns Toothy Fruity toothpaste has a scent and taste of bananas and strawberries and has a lovely pink gel formation. The great thing is as this toothpaste contains no SLS, you don't have to be as worried if you child swallows a little of the toothpaste - lets admit its impossible to not get them too.
'Halos N Horns SLS free Toothpaste now contains 1450ppm of fluoride to help protect against tooth decay. This is in line with the latest advice from the British Dental Health Foundation.'
We have been using this toothpaste for quite some time now, and its possibly the best toothpaste we have used. Getting Jack to brush his teeth has never really been too much of a problem - we now just have the problem of stopping him coming back for more toothpaste. Whilst brushing his teeth we continuously get 'more, more' as he points to the tube. So my theory is, this toothpaste is obviously very tasty and a great way to encourage children to brush their teeth.
Halos N Horns Toothy Fruity Toothpaste. My Mummys World
The RRP of this toothpaste is £2.34 and is definitely recommended by us to others.!

Halos N Horns have also recently introduced a fun guide for parents for Tooth brushing which you can find packed with advice and top tips which is available to download from the Halos N Horns website.
'Getting toddlers to brush their teeth can be a real battle if he or she flatly refuses to.  Halos N Horns Fun with Tooth Brushing gives parents lots of practical ideas and tips to help them make tooth brushing more of a fun ritual than a boring routine for toddlers – after all little ones are much more likely to be motivated by fun than a healthy necessity!'
Please Note: We were sent a tube of Halos N Horns Toothy Fruity Toothpaste for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wordings are my own.

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