If you go down to the woods today.... #LittleAdventures

Saturday, 12 October 2013
If You Go Down To The Woods Today...

Recently we volunteered to take part in the BritMums Little Adventures Challenge, which is in partnership with the bear shaped snacks Barny. I first saw these a couple of weeks ago whilst out shopping, but chose not to buy some at that point, mainly because Jack had been a little monkey. By taking part in this challenge, we received two packs of the Barny treats, one in each flavour to give us strength for out adventures. 

Enjoying Barny Snacks My Mummys World©

The Barny treats are lovely, and have been much enjoyed by Jack. They are a cake on the outside with a delicious chocolate or milk filling on the inside. Each of the sponges have no artificial colours, preservatives and are suitable for vegetarians.

Walking with Grandpa. My Mummys World ©
Our next task, was to choose a fun adventure to take Jack on. The weather has been miserable recently, but this didn't stop us. We headed to Gran and Grandad's, they love adventures, popped on our coats and wellingtons and headed into the woods. Technically, this was Jacks first adventure, he's always been pushed in his pushchair but this time we let him run free, more a less. We are very lucky with where we live as we are surround by lots of adventurous spots.
Feeding The Ducks. My Mummys World©
So, we chose to walk through the woods and feed the ducks at the pond for our adventure. Jack loved it, as we went for our walk near Gran and Grandad's, this wasn't a walk we'd taken Jack on previously. Jack particularly enjoyed exploring the fallen autumn leaves, looking at the acorns on the trees, playing around the trees and of course feeding the ducks. Jack managed to throw the bread himself into the ducks, which he thought was fantastic, he did keep shouting at them to come closer to eat it. Seeing the excitement on Jacks face during our adventure was truly magical, it definitely made me think he's ready for more adventures now.
Exploring Trees & Leaves. My Mummys World©
As it had been raining heavy, the trees were full of water, so on our way home, we splashed in the puddles and walked through the wet leaves on the trees.
Exploring. My Mummys World©
This post is an entry for BritMums ‘Little Adventures Challenge’ in partnership with Barny, the bear-shaped snack providing a little discovery in every bite. Find out more about Barny here.

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