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Tuesday, 29 October 2013
As Christmas gets nearer, and the bills come in faster than ever before it was time for me to look at other ways to make some extra cash.
Of course, there's good ol' eBay but come on, how many items out of what you list sell? For me its always a small majority, I need something more effective. Then I discovered Music Magpie.
During the weekend just gone, Ashley went in the loft ready to begin insulating it better. In the process he passed down a lot of boxes of old items, old photos, old CD's, DVDs and games. Now the photos are memories obviously, but why are we keeping CD's, DVDs and games in the loft? I'd noticed on Music Magpie they offer instant cash for unwanted CD's etc. Ok so they don't pay millions, but its better than them just sitting around isn't it? We also have a lot of DVDs and CDs in our bedroom and lounge - which again we never listen too and occasionally watch some DVDs. We mainly watch films through online streaming. So whilst on a role with the ones in the loft, we had a sort out of others too.
We've sorted the items what happens next? Well that step is even more easy than thinking of parting with your items, simply enter the barcode of your CD, DVD or game or make and model of electric's (yes they take them too) and the clever Magpie will tell you how much its worth - simple! Then just box your items, send them FREE! to Music Magpie and then receive your cash.
So not only are we de-cluttering, we are also making some extra cash. Now Music Magpie does not pay you millions, however it's better than them just sitting around collecting dust isn't it?
So I'm going back to decluttering to add some extra funds to the Christmas pot. I would certainly not hesitate to use Music Magpie on future occasions.
Have you used Music Magpie before? Or do you plan to declutter to make some extra cash?
This post is brought to you in partnership with Music Magpie.

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