We have finally been diasgnosed...

Thursday, 10 October 2013
Finally we have an answer for al of Jack's skin problems - Eczema. Ok, so we knew this would be the answer but the doctors and health professionals have decided to bat us from one professional to the next. With Ashley having poor skin, and also his father it was likely Jack would but I still wish they would have sorted him out some 15months ago when I first enquired.
We finally have a treatment plan to follow, which hopefully will work. Jack's skin has calmed down a lot to what it was but his wrists are still extremely bad - infact it looks like he's been cutting them, he hasn't.
So now, no more bath bubbles, just lots of emollient creams to apply 3-4 times a day at least with a steroid cream twice a day. Luckily the boy loves his creams being applied.
Do any of you have any tips on Exzema? Have you suffered it?

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