We Have Progress!

Friday, 25 October 2013
Yes that's right, we finally have progress. Part of me doesn't want to write this post as I know it could just be a one off, but I am so excited I need to share.
For the past 20months of Jack's life, yes that's all of it, Jack has never ever done a solid poop or not even a semi-solid poop. After having poop tests, blood tests and even a change of diet last Wednesday we finally got an answer, Jack has Toddler Diarrhoea, an unknown and untreatable problem.
'Toddler's diarrhoea is a common cause of chronic (persistent) diarrhoea in young children. It mainly affects children between the ages of 1 and 5 years and is more common in boys. Toddler's diarrhoea is not serious and the child is well. The diarrhoea will go as the child becomes older. The diet of young children is often not ideal and is thought to contribute to the cause. The diarrhoea will often stop if the child: has a good amount of fat in the diet (whole milk, etc); does not drink too much fruit juice or squash; has meals that include a normal amount of fibre (but not a high-fibre diet).'
However, this morning we followed our normally daily routine, however Jack started screaming and crying for no particular reason. He then sounded like he was trying to do a poop so I presumed he was constipated. We have never experienced any form of constipation with Jack as his bowels have always opened frequently and freely. He then stopped crying but continued again about 5 minutes later, so I rubbed his back and that seemed to sooth him. All of this was in turn Jack doing a solid poop! Finally, after 20months Jack has done a solid poop, in fact two! I know that tomorrow we could quite easily go back to Diarrhoea, however there is now a light at the end of the tunnel.
I'm quite possibly one of few parents to get excited over poop. Do you have any experience of Toddler Diarrhoea?

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