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Tuesday, 12 November 2013
In my opinion adding some accessories to a room can turn it into a loved room within the home rather than house. I feel they add a finishing touch to any room and the bathroom is no exception. Weird I know talking about bathrooms here. Last year we had a mad rush to decorate and revamp both our kitchen and bathroom before Jacks Baptism. We were extremely short on time and with half the kitchen missing that was the top priority. However our bathroom still needed a total revamp! With not enough time, or money, for this we set about giving it a good old clean and decorate. 
Steam cleaning all of the surfaces gave the bathroom a sparkly finish as if it looked like new, along with a lick of paint it was great. We opted for a beautiful lagoon green, something normally we wouldn't have gone for. This took feature away from the fact we hadn't replaced any of the suite within there. However, it was still missing something but we just couldn't think what. Then we realised, bathroom accessories of course, we then purchased some and added them and it really made a big difference. Amazing what some accessories can do. Our best accessory investment within the bathroom was out lagoon bath mat, which amazingly soaks up quite well.
Recently I was introduced to Kleeneze when a magazine dropped through our door - its something I always have a browse through and find interesting things. I was amazed to realise they also do home items too - including bathroom accessories. I have below included a picture and list of my favourites.
So we have...
Sail Boat and Beach Hut - a gorgeous decorative item.
Bathroom tumble - something we always have as I cannot stand to see loose toothbrushes lying around.
Decorative Lightpull - I think a simple lightpull can add so much to a room due to the final details.
Soap Dish - again, I cannot stand to see soap lying around on the side, especially with all the marks it leaves.
Extra Long Quilted Bath Mat - we have a bath mat down one to stop Jack slipping around when he is in the bath and two as our shower is in the bath for extra protection.
Bathe Sign - we have one of these too as I feel its so relaxing and adds final details again.
This post is in collaboration with Kleeneze

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