Choosing to have a Sweetheart wedding table

Saturday, 16 November 2013
When we booked our wedding at the beginning of the year it had been almost one year since my parents split. To me this made the situation a little awkward when I began thinking of planning in my head, especially when it came to seating arrangements. I then thought we could have a Sweetheart wedding table as an alternative to a Top Table. Now this isn't something we have set in stone yet but the idea is lovely.
So what is a sweetheart top table?
'A sweetheart table is a small table set up for just the bride and groom at the wedding reception. The happy couple sits together, facing their guests, with their wedding attendants and families at tables in close proximity'
It allows the newlyweds to spend more time together on their wedding day which funnily enough is something that generally is hard to do.  However there are many things to consider with a sweetheart style top table, which I guess is where we are struggling...
You will be the centre of attention, ok so your the centre all day but just you and your partner will be sitting at the front alone with all eyes on you. This is one of the main reasons I am put off as I don't like people watching me to eat or drink, what about if you spill some wine on your gorgeous outfit?
Sitting with your family for a meal may not be something which you do often so it may be nice to have a traditional top table to enjoy a meal together, as the happy couple you will have chance for many meals together.
The whole aim of inviting the guests who you will be is to engage with them and let them enjoy your special day. If you sit at a sweetheart table you are distanced from your guests therefore having to shout or leave your table to speak with them.
If you do choose to have a sweetheart table it should be a joint decision in which you are both fully comfortable with, you don't want to day being awkward.

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