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Wednesday, 20 November 2013
Every Christmas we always would have a little Christmas Party with our family and close friends, that was until I got pregnant and it seemed to have stopped. When we have our own home I hope to start this again but it got me thinking of ideas for Christmas Parties.
Theme - Invitations and Dress Code.
Our parties in particular never had a theme or a dress code, however I feel having a theme can save any stress or confusion about what to wear and it’s always a lot of fun in itself to see what people turn up as. So initially you need to choose a theme and then the invitations and dress code just follows in place. So as we are talking Christmas I would generally choose a festive invitation with a festive theme of attire to complement – you know the typical elf, santa and angel type attire - and if you are completely lacking in ideas, as festive tie. These are all details that can be easily navigated with this facebook party planner application, from costume retailer, fancy dress ball – so the app is your oyster I guess!
A Christmas Party, if held in your own home is very easy to decorate - especially if you have your decorations up already. You could also purchase a range of serving trays with festive décor on. Fairy lights and paper chains are always associated with Christmas. You could also add festive colours such as red, greens, silvers and gold's and also white for snow flakes.
Festive Snacks.

Feeding your guests can be easy, you could stick with standard foods such as sandwiches, sausage rolls and such. This is simply what we would normally do, our family are easy going. Or you could expand your ideas and make some festive treats fitting in with the theme of your event. If your good at baking this can be simple, some ideas are mini turkey & cranberry pies, mini mince pies, mini Christmas puddings and game terrine.  Then the drinks could be festive too such as mulled wine, hot chocolates (yes I know all year but add a tipple).

Entertaining your guests. 
Then finally there's the entertaining to sort, something our Christmas parties were well known for was a little game of Sing Star. At Christmas nothing gets people together like a sing song, so get some festive lyrics together and play the background music low and all sing together. You could also play songs in the background whilst your guests mingle, this always happens at parties so let it happen. Another thing we would normally do is play a large game, we would play something like monopoly in teams or one year we purchased a television game of 'Catchphrase' which everyone could play together which was great fun.
One thing I do recommend you all do, is just enjoy the times together, I'm sure it doesn't happen all to often. Remember to thank everyone for coming.
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