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Tuesday, 12 November 2013
Remember the days of Dial-Up Internet?
I can, hopefully that doesn't make me old! But back in those days our computer was in a totally different room to our phone box so getting the connection for internet required a long trailing phone extension wire from one room to the next to finally get to the computer. Then we moved the computer upstairs so again required the wire to go up the stairs and through the rooms. All I can think now is thank goodness those days have gone!
When I first began using the computer is was generally for playing Solitaire, then it would increase to learning new things and wanting new attachments for it - with attachments comes wires. Soon we were over run with wires at the back of the modem which we didn't know which belonged to what. As times have gone on, different cables have been made for many other different things to which Ashley (computer geek in our house) has introduced me to many others for different items.
As my computer and online presence has grown over the years I now have a lot more files in which I store than I had say 5 years ago, which of course stored on the computer can slow it down. I therefore have external devices to store content keeping my computer running clear and free. Again these therefore contain computer cables but far less than back in the day of Dial Up. Not only these but we also have many other external devices which we connect to our desktop to power such as camera chargers and Xbox controllers.
One thing I have learnt and maintained over the years is to keep all our cables together and stored neatly somewhere, of course so I won't loose them. I have also learnt cables are very important and not too be overlooked and used for many different things!
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