Essential Features for My Dream Home

Wednesday, 20 November 2013
I often dream about my dream home, yet I'm sure its a while away but a girl can dream right? I've always wanted to live in a home with lots of land, luckily so does Ashley so its our dream to live on a small holding or farm.
The main thing I really would like in our home is a large kitchen. Since we moved here I have hated the kitchen its extremely small and as the saying goes, you can't swing a cat in there. I love to cook items from fresh and bake different items so this would be ideal. I would also love a range cooker in there, again something I've always wanted.
I'd also like a large bathroom, again ours is so small which I don't like. I would love a larger bathroom with separate bath and shower and storage for other bathroom essentials.
If we are pushing the limits here, I'm sure Ashley would love our dream home to have a movie area with a large screen television for him to view his films, and maybe a games room too. I'm sure I would love the games room too.
No matter where we end up living, I would only choose a home with a large garden area, its something I've always been used to and I simply couldn't live without one now. I would also like to have some sliding or bi-folding doors to extend living space and make the most of the garden area. Express Bi-Folding Doors create a wide range of doors which would be suitable for this. My future in-laws have bi-folding doors within their living area and I love how much space was created during the summer from opening them.
 Talking of gardens, I would love a large play area for Jack and any siblings in which he has. I would know then that Jack would be able to have fresh air on a variety of occasions. Maybe with an undercover part so he could enjoy even on wet days.

What do you wish for in your Dream Home?

Post in collaboration with Express Bi-Folding Doors.

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