Keeping Safe on the Internet.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013
Do you ever worry about what you post on the internet? I know I do, crazy huh because I’m a blogger. Social Media and the Internet are a big part of people’s lives now-a-days and we share a lot of personal information on these sites. As a blogger I’m obviously present quite a lot upon many social media platforms, it’s so easy for a spam bot to take our information without the correct procedures in place. I would hate for anyone to have any information about my family or myself even upon my private social media before becoming a blogger I was extremely careful – but more so now I have a child. I always change my settings upon social media, however when I discovered I was pregnant everything went to ‘super private’ however I guess I never know now if a person is posing as myself which is something which worries me.
I found it hard to believe that 26% of social-media users post sensitive information about their children or grandchildren, including their full names and photographs*. Thinking of photographs, when you post a lovely photograph of your brand new expensive flat screen TV and your settings aren’t correct your advertisingyour home to strangers. Also sharing a photo of you catching some rays on holiday will inform others, oh they are on holiday. These days some crimes you hear off often relate to some kind of online privacy theft.
This is something that really worries me, I try to be as careful as possible on my social media, its hard to think of all the warnings toposting information online. I try to take a lot of care into maintaining all of our privacy. I know Jack is currently too young to use the computers and internet but when he eventually does I shall ensure to teach him good online habits.
* Digital Criminal Report,
In Collabatation with Symantec

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