Upholding a Winter Garden

Tuesday, 26 November 2013
Lately I'm posting more and more about our home as the changes are obviously taking over a lot of our time, one place I mention often is our garden. We are trying to get our garden ready for next summer, however within the winter months there isn't a lot we can do. However, what items we do have we are keeping checks on and keeping damage to a minimum. We planted some lovely new flowers this summer, and part of our lawn area is still nice so we are keeping on top of care of these to keep them in good condition for next year. My Nanna always informs us, the care of the garden is as important as the care of us, not 100% how that works but still.
Preparing your garden in the autumn/winter months not only helps your garden look better through these dreary months but also makes easier work for the spring. If your want your plants to look good the next year its important to look after them correctly, this is something my mum normally fails at. During the winter months with the frost, leaves can become frost-bitten and roots rot - not something we want with our new pretty flowers. You can care for your plants by covering them, taking cuttings for next year or bring them indoors. As we generally have a lot of rain in the winter months and freezing temperatures you can mix sand, sawdust and compost into your soil to drain water effectively.
For your lawn, autumn/winter is the perfect time to revitalise it. You can remove the old grass clippings and moss using a rake and then add a autumn lawn feed to prepare for winter months. If your thinking of having new turf - now is the best time to lay it giving plenty of time for it to establish for the summer.

This post is in collaboration with Garden Health.

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