Bloggers Night In - Toasting Friendship

Thursday, 5 December 2013
Bloggers Night In - Here's To Friendship.
At parties there is always a flow of drinks, and normally alcoholic ones included - Bloggers Night In was no exception. We had an amazing range of companies sponsor us with alcoholic beverages - obviously we must look like we need it. Without them, the gathering probably wouldn't have been as awesome. I would like to point out normally I'm not a drinker so it was lovely to have a small drink and enjoy myself.
We started the evening with a toast to the girls who couldn't be with us for pre-arrangements and to good times and friendships. It was a lovely way to begin our evening and set us up for a lovely time ahead. We had a lovely selection of wines provided by I Heart Wines, we received a Prosecco, Shiraz and Zinfandel Rose. As we had some Funkin Peach Bellini the lovely Pippa from Red Rose Mummy had a bright idea to try making Bellini's with the Prosecco. These worked extremely well together and was my first ever experience of Bellini - certainly not my last. The Prosecco was lovely, very light and not dry unlike some other 'fizz'. I did try the Shiraz however I'm not a fan of Red Wine so wasn't one for me although I know the others loved it. We were also provided with some non-alcohol wine and fizz for the non-alcoholic drinkers who attended - see they didn't miss out either. This was lovely as they then didn't feel left out or isolated.

From My Cocktail we received from Frozen Cocktails, lime MarGOrita infact. I had never had a margarita before let alone a lime one. As it had been frozen, when the time came to drink it, it was just like having a slush puppy back when I was a kid - only with alcohol added. They were delicious, indeed quite citreousy but still lovely!
 Finally and by no means least, quite possibly my favourite drink of the evening the Midori Melon Lieur. Now I didn't expect myself to like this at all however it was my top choice! We served it on ice with ginger ale and a slice of lime.
Disclaimer: We received the products free of charge for an honest review.


  1. I really enjoyed the I heart Wines and the frozen cocktails - yum!

  2. I loved the Midori and Ginger too, I may have had one or two more since I brought what was left of the Midori home

  3. My favourite was the frozen cocktail. Yummy

  4. I loved the i heart wines and the Bellini was really good too



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