Crafty Time with Jack

Saturday, 21 December 2013
Yesterday I had a pretty crap day, and in return didn't feel like a fantastic mother to Jack.  
Not just that one day, but reflecting back there are so many things I could have done differently, or made a different approach too. However that's in the past now, so to pick us up we did some baking and painting. 
Something we haven't done in such a long time but something we both enjoy. 

Afternoon nap out of the way, and we set about baking some cookies. A short while ago I purchased a ready made pack of mix with Peppa Pig on to try and swing me back into the mood with Jack but it didn't, until now. I measured everything out, placed everything in the bowl and set Jack the task of mixing. Which he thoroughly enjoyed. 
Then I set about rolling them and placing too cook. Once they had cooled Jack had great fun with placing on the icing with a little help but putting the images on himself. This is the first time he has been truly independant with most of the baking. 
Afterwards, we set about doing some painting. I recently purchased an ink pad from Hobbycraft which was advertised as being easy and clean to use. I'm guessing I have a little bit of OCD with needing a clean home as we don't tend to do painting incase it gets everywhere, hence buying this one. However Jack has had great fun painting at nursery so thought its about time we began. I fetched out lots of paper and Jack set himself away. Needing no help or inspiration in what to do, I felt like my little baby had grown up awfully quickly. 



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