Dietician Discharge.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013
Since nearing the end of my pregnancy with Jack everything turned upside down and it was appointments regular which then turned to become appointments daily for monitoring until eventually the little mister decided it was time to arrive. The first few days were pretty much stress free, then Jack got diagnosed with reflux and from there on in its been problems occurring and appointments here there and everywhere. 

One of our appointments we've become regular attendees of is the dietician. For problems with his reflux, vomits and diarrhoea we have been seeing the dietician and also the pediatrician. A couple of months back we were discharged from the pediatrician on the understanding we continue to attend the dietician. 

However that is no more! Today we attended our final dietician appointment. 
Last night I was thinking through whether to attend today's appointment or not. To me the dietician is of no help to us anymore, there's not much anyone can do to help Jacks current problems apart from time. 
After driving around for 20 minutes looking for a parking space in our small town, and finally finding one exactly at the time of Jack's appointment, I was thinking they wouldn't see us. They did and after discussing how Jack is now with the dietician she was happy to discharge him. This of course was fantastic news for us! The only understanding now is if Jacks toddler diarrhoea hasn't gone by the time he's three and a half to be referred back to see them.  

I'm so glad that this year we have managed to drop off two of the appointments. 


  1. Yay that's great news

  2. Great news! Bet that is a huge relief. Fingers crossed you won't have to go back again x

  3. Great news, the hospital with little ones is no fun. Hopefully you won't be back there for a very long time.



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