My Mummy's World : Girls Night In or Girls Night Out?

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Girls Night In or Girls Night Out?

Before having Jack if you would have asked me what my idea of a good night would be, it would definitely involve going out, now however is a different story. 
I love nights in with Ashley, watching a film and enjoying time just us. But I also love a good get together with the girls. 

Interestingly, in a recent survey by Ladbrokes Bingo, 70% of 2000 women said they prefer a girls night in to an evening out on the town. This does surprise me amazingly, maybes its just because of where I live, but staying in is definitely the new going out. 

So what exactly puts people off going out. According to the ladies in the survey.
59% said long queues at the bar put them off and were most annoying
54% agreeing the toilets having no toilet roll put them off
48% thought about there feet and were put off by sore feet. 
34% said looking after a friend who was a little worse for wear could put a downer on the night. This is definitely one I could agree with, I never really enjoyed my 18th birthday party as I was too busy worrying about my drunken best friend. 

An important factor which appeals to a night in to me is money and 60% of the survey agreed, everyone wants to save cash these days. Another thing I like about a night in is having a good old chit-chat and 57% of the ladies surveyed agree. 

Recently we had a blogger night in, which was a get-together with some blogging friends. It was such a lovely event and greatly enjoyed maybe more so with the costing being quite low and having great conversation topics. 

I definitely prefer a night in these days, what do you prefer? Staying in or going out?


  1. I do like going out but much prefer a night in nowadays - I like to keep warm and be comfortable - I'm really old aren't I!!

  2. I love going out for a lovely meal and a few drinks but my days of pub crawling and going to clubs are behind me these days. A night in with friends is great.