My Winter Essentials.

Thursday, 5 December 2013
Theres nothing I like more in the Winter then curling on the sofa to watch a film, but at the same time be kept warm and cosy. Winter is the one season of the year when you can officially get away with 'staying in' on an evening. 
My essentials for a comfy winter night in are quite simple. 

Warm Bath.
A lovely warm soak in the bath on a chilly winter evening can sooth any wintery day feel. Accompany that with relaxing bath oils and your troubles will instantly drift away. 
Comfy Nightwear. 
Your wardrobe is as important as anything, nothing marks the end of a day like some comfortable nightwear does. Slipping into some comfortable nightwear and dressing gown or even a onesie for instant relax. Accompany this with some comfortable fluffy slippers and your set for the evening. 
I love candles all year round, but in the winter I feel they are not only a great way to light your room, but also provide a relaxing environment too. 
Good Film. 
Snuggling on the sofa is one thing I love in the winter, when you can get away with it more. Theres never a good enough reason for spending quality family time. Disney classics are my all time favorite but any film we watch together is lovely. 
Hot Chocolate. 
My final essential for the winter, for me accompanied with lashings of cream and marshmallows. Whilst you keep your outsides toasty with everything else, this will keep your insides warm too. 

What are your winter essentials? 

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  1. I have one of those dressing gowns! They are so cosy and warm

  2. I definitely agree with the candles, Yankees are some of my favourite and candlelight is perfect at this time of year.

  3. I like burning wood. lol wish we have a fire place!.



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