New York Bakery - Cranberry & Orange Bagels Review

Friday, 20 December 2013
Right Hands Up. Who has cold turkey on Boxing Day to use all the leftovers?
After Christmas you normally find yourself left with a heap of turkey to which you don't know what to do much with. 
Well, how about jazzing up a turkey sandwich with New York Bakery Co?

Using your leftover turkey and the recipe below, you could create a Peppery Turkey & Avocado Bagel. 


New York Bakery Co Wholemeal bagel
3 slices roast chicken (breast works well)
90g avocado
2 large lettuce leaves (iceberg or cos)
1 slice beef tomato
2 tsps mayonnaise
1 tsps American mustard
Cracked black pepper to serve

Stack a lightly toasted Wholemeal bagel with lettuce and juicy beef tomato on a base of mayo. Squeeze on American mustard to taste before finishing with sliced ripe avocado, succulent roast chicken and cracked black pepper. Enjoy!

Top tip: For a more adventurous taste this festive season, experiment with different spices on the chicken such as peri-peri or Cajun.

We were sent one of New York Bakery Co's new flavours recently to try which are Cranberry & Orange. 'Bursting with juicy cranberries and zesty orange pieces and invoking the homely aromas of a fruity spiced tea loaf, the sumptuous new limited edition bagel is the ultimate sweet treat for all the family.' Now, I didn't know what I would make of these as I'm not overly keen on cranberries, however I was presently surprised as they were delicious! These are definitely similar to fruit loaf with similar aromas. We tried them with butter however apparently they are also nice with chocolate spread. 

Disclaimer: We received a 4 pack of Bagels for an honest review.


  1. I love their bagels! These sound delicious.

  2. Love bagels, bet the cranberry and orange would be lovely toasted with butter.



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