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Tuesday, 10 December 2013
With the weather we are currently having it makes me think more and more about our garden. If your a regular reader you will know we are currently in operation do up the garden. Our garden is extremely long and takes a lot of care and attention at the best of times, let alone with all of the wind we are having of recent. It was mainly grass, with hedge row at the side and a little bit of pavement in there somewhere too, at current we have no hedgerow, part of a fence going in, some grass, lots of mud and some paving.! It's crazy out there. Hopefully by next summer we will have a fantastic garden which is worth all the effort we have put into it. With a section for us to relax and enjoy the sunshine which hopefully we will get, as well as a lovely play area for Jack and a planting area for my mum. 

I stumbled across this blog from HiTechTurf with winter gardening tips , which I found interesting and taken some of the points into action. It mentions doing garden repairs and applying coats of paint to fences, so I've set in action to finish painting the fence panels ready for the colder weather on its way and also finish off all the loose jobs we just haven't finished out there. 

This year Jack is a lot more interested in Christmas and all the pretty lights which we have around us, so I did hope to do something with out garden, however the sheer upside-down-ness out there it's near impossible. I'd hoped to make the garden and house quite Christmassy for Jack to enjoy but guess this will now have to wait until next year. I'd planned to add outside lights on the house and add a Christmas wreath to the door. I feel this makes a home very warm and welcoming and I'd like our neighbours too feel this about our home. I'd also thought of getting a little reindeer family or snowman family to add out in the garden for Jack to enjoy. Instead, the closest we get to having something 'new' for Christmas this year is a Poinsettia in the home.

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  1. I love having a Poinsetia in the house at Christmas, they are so bright and colourful when it's often very grey outside.



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