Perils of being Santa.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013
I love Christmas, its the perfect opportunity to have a get together with the family and enjoy the special time with your loved ones.
This year Jack is much more aware, okay he still doesn't fully understand but he does a lot more. 

So you think being Santa is an easy job huh? 
Working one night a year, oh how I would love that. But, Santa has a lot to worry about in his time delivering presents. Not only does he have a strict time schedule to adhere too he needs to avoid some common mishaps. 
Take a look at the infographic below, and then question yourself, does Santa really have a tough job? 

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  1. some people just don't understand what santa has to go through at xmas

  2. Poor Santa LOL

  3. Blimey, this all makes Christmas sound a bit dangerous!



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