Retro Sweeties from The Gobstopper.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013
I love old fashioned sweets, as a child I loved visiting one of our local garden centre as it had a traditional sweet shop inside but then the owner passed and it was never the same again.
I was recently given the opportunity to review a selection of sweets from The Gobstopper. The Gobstopper are a UK based online retro sweet shop. I was asked to choose three types of sweets, which I thought would be incredibly easy however when looking through I would keep changing my mind as to what I would like. In the end I opted for classic with memories in my family. So I chose chocolate covered cinder toffee, coconut mushrooms and jelly buttons.

You can order the sweets in a variety of size options, ordering single sweet options in 200g or 400g or choosing a mix in a small, medium or large jar. The jar in which I received is a small jar, which is a 0.5 litre original clip top kilner jar filled to the brim with 3 varieties of sweets. The small jars are priced at £9.99, with free delivery on orders over £25. I think the presentation in which you receive the sweets is amazing, and would definitely encourage me to order again. 
From ordering to arrival was only a few days, when it arrived I was excited. Its hard to imagine from online how many sweets you will get, so when it arrived I was impressed. The sweets are fresh and taste as good as I remember from back when I was younger. 

I think these make excellent gifts, for people of all ages a perfect way to tell people you are thinking of them. 

Disclaimer: I was invited to try the ordering process and delivery of these. All opinions are honest. 


  1. They look delicious. I love coconut mushrooms - one of my all time favourites!

  2. Ohh yummy!! Coconut muchrooms!! I haven't seen them for ages x

  3. I think this is a really excellent gift, the jar makes all the difference.



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