The Tree Is Up...

Thursday, 12 December 2013
...A little later than normal. 

Normally we would always put the christmas tree up the weekend nearest to my nans birthday, 2nd December. So that would have been December 1st. Neither me or my mum like climbing in the loft so it was a case of waiting until Ashley was free to go up there. So last Saturday up he went and fetched them out, and mum, Jack and I spent Saturday evening putting them up. 
Last christmas Jack was only 10months old so wasn't particularly interested in the tree or destroying it. Neither did I think he would be this year, how wrong was I? Many people have been saying, 'Oh you will have a fun christmas this year.' They were all meaning Jack would be into the tree but I just dismissed them. 

Jack had great fun helping us place all of the baubles and decorations on the tree, I thought him helping would encourage him to look after the tree. Wrong! A couple of hours later he was busy pulling it apart. 
My mum always puts some gorgeous snowmen on the fireplace, which Jack also thinks are toys so keeps playing with them as if they are people. 

It is cute to know hes a lot more understanding this year. Even if it will be a crazy year! 


  1. You will have a lovely Christmas this year as he will be more into the unwrapping too! Enjoy

  2. That looks lovely - I love the colours. I'm sure you will have lots of fun this Christmas

  3. Bless him, it's magical when they can start to be involved. Our tree goes up this Sunday, so Monkey gets some 'just birthday' space beforehand! He is so excited, not sure what the tree will look like after he's helped

  4. That's lovely Zoe, really late on doing my tree too this year - hopefully it'll go up tonight.

  5. Little Miss is obsessed by our tree too, I'm sure you will have a lovely Christmas together this year. Thanks for linking up.



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