Britax B Motion 3 - Full Review

Wednesday, 8 January 2014
Britax B Motion 3
So I've wrote a post about the Unboxing and Initial review of the Britax B Motion 3 we received for review. However, now we've been using it for a month it's time to give you my full update and review on it. 

The Britax B Motion 3 is designed for children from birth up to four years old, or up to 17kg. Due to this the seat unit is quite large giving plenty of room for your children. Within other strollers and pushchairs we have had or in which other 'mummy friends' have I have found the seat units can sometimes be small especially when children are at the upper end of the age limit. However I've had my almost four year old cousin in here with plenty of room still. 

'The B-MOTION is a lightweight pushchair with an easy one-handed pull-fold mechanism, and a height-adjustable handle bar making your life easier. The superior rear suspension provides a smooth ride for your child, while the air-filled rubber wheels allow you to tackle any terrain'.

The Britax B Motion is one of few pushchairs that claim to be compact and actually are compact. Most pushchairs of this type are normally large and bulky and when folded take up alot of space but the B Motion doesn't. The folding system and style is fantastic, when you figure it out, but is extremely easy to do and takes hardly any time. When you unfold the B Motion, it suddenly is no longer compact. It is quite large and extremely spacious but I do like this about it. The only downside I find to this is I find it quite long, but only because it's been a while since I had a three-wheeler pushchair, I've become used to smaller ones. The Britax B Motion 3 is a lightweight stroller being 11kg, I'm sure there are other lightweight ones available but for all this has to offer it is light. 

The B Motion is one of the only pushchairs within the Britax range which features air-filled tyres. The benefit of this being it makes the pushchair easy to use on a variety of terrains. I find this extremely useful especially within the area we live in, so these have had a good test. When pushing it along a smoother surface such as a pavement its easy to use with the swivel wheel and in fact it makes it much easier for pushing. However when pushing it upon a bumpy surface such as cobbles or woodland space its always better to lock the wheel in place. Generally I use the swivel front wheel for as much of the journey as possible as I find it makes the steering of the pushchair a lot easier and smoother, however its still smooth when locked. So for our walks around the local woodlands and pools I find the Britax the better pushchair to use. With the air-filled tyres Jack has a smooth ride even when the pushchair is bumping around all the cobbles. 

Another feature I love about the Britax B Motion 3 is the hood, it features a detachable showerproof hood which can be extended. When you extend the hood it unveils a mesh panel, which not only lets some light in and the air circulate but also allows your child to see up and you see in. Or if you have a child like Jack, allows them to watch the clouds. To extend the hood its simply done with a zipper so can be done quickly with no hassle. I'm sure within the Summer when we hopefully have some more glorious weather the large hood will come in handy. 
As well as the hood, the Britax B Motion 3 features quite a reasonable sized basket which is spacious whilst at the same time being easily accessible. 
Unlike some other pushchairs the Britax B Motion 3 features an adjustable handle bar, I find this very useful as I'm sure other parent's would too. Ashley is a lot taller than I am, so we both feel comfortable pushing the pushchair at different heights. Its simple to change the height by pressing two buttons on the side of the handles and moving up or down. This pushchair features a 5 point safety harness, which is easy to clip together whilst also being easy to adjust to suit your child. 

I previously mentioned that the Britax B Motion 3 is suitable from birth up until four years old or 17kg. This is due to the fact the seat fully reclines and allows your child to lie flat. 'B-MOTION also features a multi-position seat recline including a lay-fl at mode, vital for newborns.' I found this really useful when Jack fell asleep, as it allowed him to be comfortable. Reclining the B Motion was easy to do and easily went back into a sitting position. The B Motion also comes supplied with Click & Go adaptors which allow you to fit a BABY-SAFE infant carrier converting the B Motion 3 into a travel system. 'Using the detachable CLICK & GO® adaptors, simply fit the BABY-SAFE infant carriers, BABY-SAFE Sleeper or carrycot directly onto the chassis to create your ideal travel system.' When I had my first travel system I found it really bulky, especially when folded and I don't think this would be a problem with the B Motion 3. 

The Britax B Motion 3 is priced around £250, it is definitely a pushchair I would recommend to other parents, or parents to be.  

Disclaimer: I received this pushchair free of charge through the Britax Mumbassador scheme. All opinions and photos, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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