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Friday, 17 January 2014

I'm attempting to get fit and loose weight - but it's not going perfectly well at the moment. 

Like many other busy mums, fitting in everyday life, parenting and working can be difficult enough, let alone fitting in exercise too. 
As its January, I'm sure many others have made resolutions, and many have probably made the 'loose weight' or 'get fit' resolution, I have too, again! In January, fitness is a big thing on everyone's mind. 

BOB and Britax, have teamed up with fitness expert, Laura Williams, to develop a 30 fitness plan which is specifically designed with busy parents in mind, no excuses now! 

We all love to begin the New Year with the best of intentions, vowing to ditch bad habits and have a healthier and happier year ahead. But as we all know, will power can dwindle all too quickly. Many people will already have abandoned their resolutions just weeks into the New Year - in fact Friday 24 Jan is ‘Fail Friday’ – the day where resolutions are most likely to be broken!

But apparently it takes 21 days to change a habit and create a new one, so surely after just 3 weeks, if we keep at things for those days, we should have new exercise habits. 

This 30-day calendar can be printed and kept somewhere you can read it every day – such as the fridge door. It will provide mums and dads with daily hints, tips and motivating advice that will not only make you smile but get your heart beating too - best of all, everything can be done whilst with your little one!
This 30 day workout is easy to complete and something which can be done with your child in tow on many of the exercises. When the weather begins to get better, 
there's no better way to exercise and get some fresh air, then taking a stroll with you child. You can find lots more information on the Active Parents website, which is the BOB website. 

Please Note: I have received no financial payment for this post, it is brought to you in association with the Britax Mumbassador scheme. 

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