January - I'm through with you!

Friday, 31 January 2014
January has been a horrible month for me, and I'll be so glad of next month to begin. 
I know most people often say this about January after the slump of Christmas, however it really has! 

If I could throw the towel in as the saying goes I would. 

Our household has been inundated with illnesses, I've had glandular fever leading to tonsillitis and today I was back at the doctors after last nights chest pains. Today I got told I may have bronchitis or pneumonia. 

As well as the illnesses, its been a month of dreary weather meaning operation garden has been at a standstill. One weekend we managed to place up 4 fence panels, and another day lead us to another before the rain returned. 

I also have to go and get my car fixed as some dopey driver in a van decided to drive in the middle of the road and take part of my wing mirror off of my new car. They continued to speed up and drive off, so I have no idea of who they were other than a van. 

So yes January you've shown your colours, being grey, now I am ready for February to begin.


  1. here is hoping February is the improving Month for you to have a fab year. Get better soon. :-)

  2. Yes, this last week have been pretty terrible here - hoping for better in February!

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  4. Hope Feb is better for you, and hope you're back to full health soon x

  5. Sorry to hear you have had a rotten January - Hope February is better for you!



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