Reflecting on 2013

Thursday, 2 January 2014
Happy New Year.

So as we are now in 2014, it really is time I did my reflection on 2013. I still can't believe we are on the second day of the new year, 2013 seems to have gone in a flash. 2013 has seen lots happen for us, but more good things than the year previous.

January for us saw Jack start walking all the time, yes he had done the odd steps previous but on the 5th January there was no stopping him. January also saw. Jacks first snow day, the whole of UK was granted with bad weather. We didn't have it as bad as other areas, and both Ashley's work and mine still expected us to attend.

February then saw Jacks first birthday, for which he had a little tea party and we also booked a cake smash for him which was great fun. The first year of Jacks life went extremely fast. We also went to get his first shoes after his birthday after much time holding off for him to gain more confidence.

March saw us unexpectedly book our wedding, after being engaged for almost 4 years it was well overdue, but something which happened so quickly. We visited a venue to get some prices and came away having booked.

June saw us have Jacks first ever parents evening at his nursery, it was lovely to be able to look at all the wonderful things he had experienced and achieved at nursery in the time he had been there. The weekend following this saw me step out of my comfort zone and attend London for Britmums Live 2013, this is something I thoroughly enjoyed and booked my ticket for 2014 upon my return home. June also saw Jack finally get diagnosed with a cows milk allergy, although it was too late.

July saw Jack finally begin to have some treatment to see the cause of his pooping problems as well as his allergies so saw him experience his first blood tests, for which he was very brave.

In August, I had the opportunity to visit the new SkySide experience at Birmingham airport so Jack got to visit the airport for the first time, which both of us really enjoyed. It also saw my blogs first birthday. It's amazing how quickly the year had passed and the experiences I had.

In September, Ashley finally managed to get a new job, after looking for such a long time, the perfect opportunity arrived and we finally got to spend more time as a family as he now had weekends off work.

November was when I got to finally meet a lovely group of blogging friends in our Blogger Night In. In my time of blogging I've been very lucky to meet such fabulous ladies who offer support all the time. November was also the month Ashley got offered a promotion at his new job.

That leads us to December, Ashley finally started his new role at his job. Jack finally got discharged from the Dietician regarding his pooping issues, which was fantastic news for us.

During 2013, our home has changed rapidly, we have made so many changes both internally and externally, which is a reason I've not blogged during the festive period as we have been busy destroying some more of the home.

In 2012 I made some resolutions upon my blog which h were too:
Loose some weight - not totally achieved as much as I would like but I did manage to loose some.
Drink more fluids - still not drinking as much as I would like to be, but a lot more than I was.
Move into our own home - not achieved, we luckily got offered half of my parents house so became home owners that way.
Enjoy Jacks childhood and do more activities - we've done a lot more this year but I would like to achieve more.
Spend more time with Ashley and work at our relationship - achieved!
Blog more - achieved! I've blogged a lot more in 2013 than I did in 2012.
Take more photos - achieved! Would still like to take even more.
Do more crafting - achieved! My crafting business grew a lot more this year.

So 2014 resolutions...
Eat healthy and loose some more weight.
Enjoy family time
Continue destroying the house and complete the garden.
Enjoy wedding planning.


  1. Lots of firsts for 2013! Good luck with your resolutions and enjoy the wedding planning!

  2. Lots of great things in 2013, but I'm sure there'll be even more for 2014.

  3. A wonderful year of firsts for you and Jack, I'm sure 2014 has some lovely things in store for you too



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