Time to Think Potty...

Wednesday, 15 January 2014
The time has finally come to think potty training. 
It's probably been time to think for a little while now but I was waiting for numerous 'signs', and secretly putting it off
However, on Monday Jack woke up with a dry nappy, no wee, no poop, no dribble, nothing! Then whilst getting into the car Jack announced 'Poo Poo', thinking nothing of it, and we were running late, I strapped Jack in his seat and headed to nursery. When I fetched him out he stunk, much to my excitement he knew he was doing a poop, I thought of it as a one-off. When I collected him from nursery later that evening he had a couple of dry nappies throughout the day which has never happened. 

Thinking it as a one off day, Tuesday we had Jack in nappy off time, to where he proceeded to do a pee in a truck. Yes no potty but it was in a bucket type car, half way there yes? 

So after the variety of signs all on top of one another, I'm thinking it's definitely time to start the potty-training journey. 
But, as a mother, I'm scared I'm sure Jack is too but I have no idea what to do. 

So, what tips do you have for potty training?
Cold turkey? Gentle changes?


  1. It definitely sounds like he is ready, especially if he's dry at night. Depending how old he is and how mobile he is, I'd maybe go straight to the toilet instead of the potty with a toilet seat. Plenty of praise and maybe a sticker chart. Just ask him to tell you if he feels like he needs a pee or a poo so you can help him get to the toilet or potty. If you're going to do it, do it. Don't put a nappy on him if you're going out of the house. Put pants on and, if you're worried about accidents etc, put a pull up over the top of the pants to stop anything getting wet but then, at least his pants will be wet so he'll know what the wetness feels like if he does have an accident. Good luck!

  2. Good luck! We went cold turkey with Monkey, I cleared my diary for a week and we went for it. There were plenty of washing loads and a rather frazzled Mum at times, but we got there.

  3. Good luck. Just go with the flow, and try to stay calm with it. Spend some time at home if you can to start with and when you go out if he's ready don't put the nappy back on



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