National Wedding Show 2014

Saturday, 1 March 2014

When people say the National Wedding Show is a big show, its not exactly an understatement for the wedding world. There are so many talented vendors and businesses who are ready and raring to showcase their work and true talents. 
When I initially got engaged all those years ago, I knew when we had set a date and was planning properly I wanted to attend this show. Yesterday I finally got the opportunity to do so. 

Unfortunately for me I was too late for the press breakfast - missing out on the lovely nibbles and talk but none the less I had a fantastic day! Oh, and just because I was late there I WILL NOT be late for my own wedding - I'm blaming my friend.  
The Wedding Tree Guestbook.
Alternative Guest Books from The Wedding Tree
There are over 225 vendors so it's hard to know where to begin when you enter the show. I'm unfortunate really for the instance we already have quite a lot of our wedding sorted, including my wedding dress. However, if we were only just beginning the planning I'm sure I could have spent thousands.

National Wedding Show NEC 2014 Cake Toppers MyminiYou
Realistic Cake Toppers from MyminiYou
We began by looking around the dresses within the Bridal Zone and Bridal Boutique Zone. There were lots and lots of beautiful dresses, and lots of beautiful bride-to-be's trying the dresses on also. I was incredibly amazed at one how beautiful the dresses were but two how cheap they were. Yes I mean cheap and stunning quality, hard to come by sometimes. 

National Wedding Show NEC 2014 Glow Love Lights
Fantastic Lights from Glow Love Lights
We then went up and down each individual aisle, looking at each individual store, and the uniqueness in which many brought to the show. One thing I loved about the show was there were lots of different people offering lots of different unique services. 

National Wedding Show NEC 2014 Synergy Live Band
Synergy Live Band

National Wedding Show NEC 2014 Catwalk

At the National Wedding Show they have the UK's largest wedding catwalk show, which we watched lasting around about 25 minutes. There were a wide range of dresses featured within the catwalk from a wide range of designers. It was lovely to see all the beautiful dresses on a 'real' person and the items in which they got teamed with to create the 'perfect look'. My friend who attending with me, is new to the whole wedding planning and was amazed how different dresses look on a person as to on a hook. Also within the catwalk show there were a range of menswear items too - not all for the ladies
As well as the catwalk there is also a wedding theatre which throughout the day provided 5 'Big Day Top Ten' sessions. These sessions were fantastic and very informative, even better is you could pick and choose the sessions you wanted to listen too, although only on once a day lasting between 15 and 25 minutes. 
Alongside the individual vendors, the catwalk and the wedding theatre there is also a champagne bar, vintage area and of course the VIP area. 

National Wedding Show NEC 2014 Catwalk The Great GatsbyNational Wedding Show NEC 2014 Catwalk

National Wedding Show NEC 2014 Catwalk

National Wedding Show NEC 2014 Catwalk

 National Wedding Show NEC 2014 Catwalk

Walking around the show we met and spoke to some lovely exhibitors and some who were willing to spend a lot of time speaking with you and explaining there services in full details. 
Some suppliers which stood out to me were Shropshire Petals who are a natural confetti company specialising in dried flowers, wheat sheaves and of course confetti. These are definitely a company whom I will be purchasing from after searching for natural confetti recently. If I didn't already have a photographer booked, Eneka Stewart stood out to me, not only were her pictures beautiful but her photo albums were of amazing quality and a lovely lady too. A singer or musician is something in which I have been considering but keep thinking of a reason to delay thinking about however we heard some amazing music from many people but Synergy Live Band stuck within my head, now to convince Ashley. Hitched Story Books also to me were such an amazing idea, we have already booked to have a photo album/story book from our photographer however these ones included unusual details such as the Hen Party, Speeches, Hymns and readings from your wedding and also messages from the guests. It truly recorded all aspects of your wedding day in amazing quality. Finally MyminiYou we are not having a cake topper as such but if we were I would definitely consider these. There characters were so lifelike with a lot of detailing gone in to each and everyone of them.

National Wedding Show NEC 2014 Hitched Wedding Story Books
Hitched Wedding Story Books.

So in a wrap, if your thinking of attending the National Wedding Show and are yet to book anything - definitely go! You will get some amazing ideas, as well as some amazing deals! Also, if your yet to find your dream wedding dress - go! There are again some amazing deals on dresses, we found a couple which were reduced from well over a thousand to a couple of hundred which were absolutely stunning! 


  1. This sounds like a great event - hope you got lots of ideas! Really makes me want to get married again, so many things I would do differently!

  2. Oooh, what a fab day out! I love a big show like this, I'm not actually getting married but I think I'd like to go!



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