One Year To Go - Wedding So Far...

Friday, 28 March 2014

I cannot believe we have one whole year left of wedding planning. 
12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes or 31,536,000 seconds. Whatever way you look at it, its going to fly past!

Its been just over a year now since we booked our wedding day. A spare of the moment decision which we do not regret. The past year has flown by, I can only imagine the next year will too as we put our heads into it deeper and start to pay things off. 

We have been quite organised on the wedding front, more-a-less everything booked and sorted, deposits paid and now just final balances left to make. We still have the invitations to make, what silly idea was that, and little items to sort but we are almost organised. 

However, now with a year to go, we are finally sending out the save the dates and beginning to plan the little aspects of the wedding, and the ideas we have for bigger things thinking about them in finer details. 

So Checklist time... 
Venue - Done
Registrar Booked - Done, just need to confirm
Guest List - Done, kind of
Wedding Party List - Done
Photographer - Done
Videographer - Done
Make-Up Artist - Done
Hairdresser - Done
Dress - Done
Accessories - Done, almost just shoes and underwear. "/ 
Bridesmaid Dresses - Chosen need to order
Bridesmaids Accessories - To Sort
Give Notice - Organised just need to attend.
Invitations - To Sort
Transport - Done
Flowers - Done
Favors - To Sort
Gifts - To Sort
Ceremony Music - To Sort
Seating Plan - To Sort
Rings - Done
Cake - Done


  1. Wow! We did ours from start to finish in 4 months :) However I wore my gran's wedding dress and my step daughter wore a dress which used to be mine as a bridesmaid dress so that made things easier. I can't imagine planning for over a year!

  2. Kirsty Phillipson-Lowe28 March 2014 at 07:54

    We got engaged then 6 months later we were married :-) an enjoyable but stressful time arranging a wedding x

  3. Exciting stuff! I'm sure the next year will fly by! Sounds like you are really organised already with not much left to do.

  4. We got engaged 6 months before our wedding. I am no good with delayed gratification and would have hated waiting!

  5. I've been engaged so long!
    I'm hating waiting for this wedding now but will soon be here, hopefully.

  6. All big things were sorted within 1 month of setting a date !
    Leaving things so I don't go crazy!

  7. sounds like you have all the big bits done and can enjoy getting the little bits done this year. I bet the time will go very quickly now!

  8. It looks like you have a fair bit organised go you! Good luck with future planning : ) xx

  9. You are doing well with your list! I hope it all goes very well x.

  10. You sound very organised. We arranged our wedding in 3 months. We plan to renew our vows next year but have done absolutely nothing about it, I sense it'll be done on the fly again!

  11. Wow you sounds super organised especially with a year to go. I hope you have fun planning the last bit and pay off the balance so you can enjoy the big day. I would totally recommend this for your wedding gift list. We did it for ours and it was amazing and we had quite a bit of our Honeymoon paid for x

  12. Agata Pokutycka28 March 2014 at 18:57

    Wow, you are well organized... most things are already done

  13. It must be lovely to have the luxury of time to plan it just how you want it. We got engaged and married within 6 months!

  14. Planning a wedding is great fun although a little stressful at times. My husband had two jobs - take the order of service to the church..........he forgot them and his usher had to go charging back to the hotel to get them, and organise the video camera.......he forgot to put the disc in!

  15. Yay good luck and yes this year will fly by

  16. What is the "give notice" one? You've really taken me down memory lane with this. We took 1.5 years to plan ours. It was in Ireland, the same year and the same church as Pierce Brosnan. I am always shocked at how many people don't get a video. Glad to see you are. In the 6 months after our wedding I must have watched it 40 times at least. Have fun with all of your plans. Liska xxx

  17. fritha strickland29 March 2014 at 13:00

    good luck! I know nothing about wedding planning but it all sounds very exciting! x

  18. Wow, I wasn't anywhere near as organised as you. Well done

  19. exciting for you :)

  20. Ah, how exciting! I'm sure the year will fly by although I'm not too impressed as that will mean I'm 38!!

  21. Yay for only one year to go! I am impressed by how much on your list is sorted already!



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