Baby-Proofing Your Home.

Thursday, 10 April 2014
When I first found out I was pregnant, I kept getting told I would need to 'baby proof' my home. I knew there were some things that needed adapting but how would I truly know what needed 'baby-proofing' until I put my baby in my home? Of course there are some initial items every home will more-than-likely need. 

Plug socket covers, every home will need these. We were quite lucky that Jack was never interested in the plugs as a baby but now a toddler, the plugs are one of THE best 'toys'. We've had to purchase covers to stop thing getting put in the sockets which aren't meant to go into them. 
Cupboard locks and latches, every child loves cupboards, more often then not the cleaning one. Another good buy we made were these locks they simply just child-proof a cupboard or drawer. 

A life saver for us was the stair gate, a necessity from when your baby begins to crawl. Obviously intended for use on the stairs because lets face it, you don't want a tumbling baby but I know many people use them within door ways. We purchased a pressure fit stair gate, simple to use with no drilling involved. 
Another useful invention in our house was the fire guard. We don't use our fire very often - mainly in the winter but even then only when its freezing and we all sit downstairs. But, Jack would love to 'play' with the briquettes, so it was more a deterrent to stop that.
Now Jack is a toddler and in his own 'big boy bed' our safety essential is a bed guard. It stops him rolling out and easily fixes in place, we have a lindam one we reviewed here

This of course is just a small selection of items I found useful. You won't fully know how much or how little to buy until your inquisitive baby comes along. 
Just remember your child will want anything they aren't allowed. 

In collaboration with SafeTots.


  1. I hadn't planned on having to buy much in the way of baby proofing but it is surprising what you need to think about I had 2 stair gates and plenty of other bits, like socket covers. Thankfully those days are gone now and I have to hide chocolate and biscuits from him now!

  2. It's quite a wake up call isn't it! Stair gates and a play pen have been very useful for us!



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