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Wednesday, 30 April 2014
As our garden is now finally starting to take a bit more shape (ok maybe I'm dreaming) we've been beginning to think about the smaller details to add in. These smaller details are things such as small decorations, flowers, a possible vegetable place to encourage Jack and furnishings. 

So we already have quite a few flowers which we will be moving from the one flower bed to the new larger one, but as its considerably larger we will be needing to get a lot more flowers in there. We are possibly considering getting a range of bedding plants and bulbs to add some colour and range and mixing through with everything else we already have. A couple of plants which will definitely be included are lillies and tulips as they are my favourite.
Another item which we will definitely be getting is a couple of grape vines, Ashley keeps going on about getting some so obviously we will be. I think hes secretly dreaming of creating his own wine since this was the relation he gave to the grapes. 

Something else we have been considering is growing our own vegetables, lets face it our garden is large enough. A few years back we did grow some vegetables of our own and they were so tasty when ready. We want Jack to grow up knowing different vegeatables and how they grow so this seems the perfect way to do it. 

I recently discovered you can purchase Suttons Seeds online, not only is this convient but they will also dipatch at the correct time of year to plant them. Suttons Seeds are also stocked in a variety of shops around the country so of course you could grab your own, but I like all the advice I found on the website. 
This will definately be a company we look at when we go to choose some flowers and vegetables for our garden. 

In Collabaration with Suttons Seeds.

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