Jacks Eczema Update.

Friday, 11 April 2014
It's been a while since I've done an eczema update for Jack. The reason for this I guess is it doesn't seem to be improving. Now I know there are other eczema sufferers much worse than Jack but I still feel this could have been resolved or began to be resolved a little earlier than it has been. 

We are still under the care of the dermatologist with our creams or application times changing each visit. Visits to there were averaging every 2-3 months however, we have now been placed on a 6 week recall. Maybe this will help - I'm not entirely sure. Jack currently has four different eczema creams we apply - 3 at home and an additional moisturiser at nursery. On our last visit to the dermatologist Jack was given some little mittens to wear at night to stop him scratching - so far these are a failure. Jack won't even put them on let alone wear them.! I'm pretty positive he doesn't scratch when hes sleeping though just when hes awake. 

We are back to smoothering the child in cream on his eczema patches - extra greasy creams when we are at home all day and hoping that works. We also have the never ending battle of trying to stop him scratching to try and repair his skin quicker. He can't change to a stronger cream until the broken skin heals which is the main problem. But how do you stop an itchy child scratching? We have tried long sleeved tops, gloves, keeping him occupied but nothing seems to work. 

I guess we just have to wait and see what the next 6 weeks bring and hope to see an improvement... 


  1. Sorry things aren't improving for him - it must be very frustrating for you all. Hope you find a solution soon x

  2. Oh dear, I hope things start to look up, can't offer any words of wisdom on this I'm afraid.

  3. I hope things get better soon, eczema must be horrible when you are little and don't understand about not scratching :-(



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