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Tuesday, 29 April 2014
A little while ago we were contacted by PetShop Bowl asking if the doggies would like to review a selection of items - well they can't answer but being the greedy monkeys they are I'm sure they would be up for it. 
PetShop Bowl is a online, nationwide home delivery subscription service to pet food.' We are a young company with a team of friendly, helpful staff dedicated to saving you time and money. All of our staff are pet owners so we understand the needs of other pet parents.' The idea came along to the founder Adam, when his mother struggled to carry heavy bags due to her arthritis. Now I don't suffer with arthritis but I do struggle with the heavy dog food bags. We always purchase the larger bags as they work out more cost effective for us but I always have to rely on Ashley to fetch them as they are too heavy. 
PetShopBowl stock over 10,000 products from all major pet food and supplies brands and deliver everything straight to your door with free delivery on all orders over £19.99. 

So Abbie & Jip received a bundle of surprises to try out, these included Canagan Free-Run Chicken Dry Dog Food, Burns Kelties Natural Dog Chews, Dentastix Fresh and a Kong Classic toy. 
Canagan was a new brand for us to try so i was looking forward to trying this out, we always purchase the same food for the dogs so I sometimes do feel a little sorry for them.This Canagan food is grain-free, all natural and made with fresh meat and vegetables. Well its easy to say, this went down really well with the dogs, they thoroughly enjoyed each bowlful we gave them of it. This is priced at £12.49 for a 2kg bag and this would roughly last around 10days.
Next Up, Burns Kelties chews, again another new brand for us, now they weren't as keen on these as they normally are for treats maybe thats a good thing as they don't go through them so quickly. They are a natural wholesome biscuit treat based on brown rice with chicken and ocean fish. Jip really didn't enjoy these and each one we gave him we would find dotted around the garden, Abbie on the other hand was happy to munch away slowly at them.

Then we have the Pedigree Dentastix Fresh, of course this is a brand and product I've heard of often advertised on the television. These we just gave to Abbie, Jip literally has one tooth in the whole of his mouth. Abbie seemed to really enjoy them which is good, on a recent visit to the vets we were informed she had a lot of tarter building up to which we brought some tooth paste for her but as you can imagine she hates this. These DentaStix are designed to work with your dogs saliva to reduce plaque and tarter build-up. We found these extremly useful and as she enjoyed them - all the better. 

Finally the Kong classic toy, this was saved for Jip as Abbie had the DentaStix. This toy is intended for you to place treats inside and then it will slowly dispense them, its made from durable non-toxic rubber. 'Uniquely designed for average sized dogs, the Classic Kong Dog Chew Treat Toy can be used as a behavioural tool and helps encourage non-destructive chewing.' Jip had quite a few hours of fun playing with this around the garden, and enjoyed the slight bounce, Jack enjoyed throwing it for him. 

The service which we experienced from PetShopBowl was fantastic and definitely something I would consider using and setting up when we have finished our current dog food. 

Please Note: We received no monetary compensation for this post, just the products mentioned, all opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway. 


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