Sorry for being vacant.

Thursday, 17 April 2014
You may have noticed if your a regular reader of my blog that I've been a little vacant from here of recent. This kind of happened all of a sudden with everything going on in my personal life. I tried to do a cover up with everything and attempt to carry on as normal. But this failed and in fact only made me come down with a bang and possibly feeling worse. I lost all mojo for everything - blogging included. I think writing it down may have helped but I simply didn't know what to say and how. 

I think, emphasis THINK, I'm starting to feel better. I'm beginning to feel like blogging again. I'm beginning to think about everything in a more positive way again with my only downer now being work. I only work two days a week and for these two days I feel terrible. Hopefully, situations will improve - I can dream right? But for now, I'm just thinking of happy memories I have and creating a positive environment for Jack. 


  1. I hope things start looking up for you and you find your mojo for everything again soon. Sometimes it is good to take a break!

  2. I'm glad your starting to feel like blogging again x

  3. I hope you continue to feel better, and find your blog will help.

  4. Your posts are missed but we can read them whenever you are ready to write! Nothing wrong with taking a break now and again! Hope you continue to feel better!



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